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The Horse Listener

Have you poked, touched, used special gimmicks, and otherwise made many attempts to communicate with your horse?

Is it working for you and your equine, with your specific challenges?

If you would really like a partnership, and common ground for understanding...try listening!

Our Horses Have A Lot to Say

If you would like to know what your horse has been trying to tell you, please contact me and find out how!

Whoa Nellie!

Ask Nellie and get a horses' point of view on your equestrian questions.

Find Gale's next clinic or other equestrian event near you.


Do you know what your horse needs from you, to preform well? Tackle tough challenges and learn what your horse is trying to tell you at a clinic near you. | details


Individual or group lessons focused on safety, fun, and skill level improvement in your equestrian discipline. | details

Professional Training Services

Training at your facility of Show Hunters,
Jumpers, Equitation, Combined Training,
Dressage, English/Western Pleasure Horses and Field Hunters. | details


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